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Huawei gives its Ascen

Huawei gives its Ascend P6 a minor upgrade
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Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei isn’t all about high-speed ethernet switches and enterprise-sized routers, they also do a pretty good line in consumer electronics too. Their Ascend series of handsets are particularly well thought-of and their P6 device, which briefly stole the smartphone limelight in 2013, is getting itself a bit of an upgrade.

The Ascend P6 isn’t getting anything substantial altered, the system memory will be remaining at 2GB, the 4.7-inch display will be unchanged and the battery is going to be identical. The naming for the smartphone is being changed to reflect the only change that we can see at the moment, the Ascend P6 S will feature a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, a minor improvement over last year’s model. 

The upgrade, however minor, still keeps Huawei in the smartphone stakes for a little longer. Odds are they will have something a bit more substantial to announce in the coming months.

Source: Engadget


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