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Lenovo’s first 8-inch

Lenovo’s first 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet detailed
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 Lenovo has announced, via a press release, the existence of a new Windows 8.1 tablet that is smaller than the company’s usual crop of devices. Called the Miix 2, the 8-inch tablet is expected to go on sale overseas some time this month. 

The Miix 2 will be packing one of Intel’s Bay Trail-T Quad Core processors running a 10-point multitouch 800 x 1280 display. There will be two cameras in place on the little device, a 2MP front unit for some face-to-face time and a 5MP rear camera for snapping pics or recording the awesome stuff you no doubt are looking at on a daily basis. 

Storage will be available in options up to 128GB (eMMC), Intel is taking care of the video with an integrated HD Graphics solution and there will also be an optional cover and stylus available for the device. 

Pricing for Lenovo’s Miix 2 is set in the States for $299 (around R2950) but there are no clues about local pricing and availability yet.

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