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Microsoft’s Kinect is

Microsoft’s Kinect is being used to guard the South Korean border

 Microsoft’s Kinect motion detection peripheral isn’t just for gaming any more. Actually, it’s been some time since it was confined to the world of digital lives and its latest foray into real life has seen it being something of a guard dog. 

A programmer named Jae Kwan Ko has repurposed the original Xbox 360 Kinect into a motion detection system that has been deployed to keep an eye on the demilitarised zone seperating North and South Korea. When paired with Ko’s software, the Kinect is able to distinguish between human and animal movement. 

On detecting human movement, the system alters actual human guards who can then head into the area to check out the situation. 

But the border-watching peripheral isn’t done. It looks as though an upgraded version, using the Xbox One’s Kinect 2, will also be created. That version will apparently be able to monitor heart rates and see patches of heat. Very sci-fi. 

Source: Kotaku

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