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Microsoft’s Surface 2

Microsoft’s Surface 2 rated to assist American pilots
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 Microsoft has managed to get the American FAA to certify the company’s Surface 2 tablets for use in the cockpits of American planes, according to an announcement from earlier this week.

According to the announcement, the Surface 2 has attained “Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization for Class 1 or 2 EFB needs for all phases of flight”, meaning that it will be easier for airlines to use the device for Electronic Flight Bag initiatives.

This doesn’t mean that airlines will be able to just deploy the device to pilots in other staff, there is still an approval process that needs to be run by the FAA. However, since Microsoft has done all of this work up front and “…because this authorization includes all phases of flight, airlines can confidently plan for using Surface 2 tablets as the fully equipped and powerful PCs they are, rather than limit their use to serving just as simple document readers.”

Source: Microsoft Surface blog

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