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Microsoft’s Xbox One s

Microsoft’s Xbox One sold 3.9 million units before the end of 2013 (and other numbers)
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Microsoft has given the world another collection of numbers, sort of an update as to how the company is doing. They call it their Q2 earnings report, however. 

The major news from the company is that the company recorded record revenues for the quarter of $24.52 billion. But, that was not the only number of interest to issue forth from Redmond’s announcement. 

The Xbox One went on sale during the reported quarter and they have given final numbers for sales of the console by the end of 2013. An impressive total of 3.9 million Xbox One consoles were sold over the period. 

The Surface tablet also had a good run, Microsoft’s revenues from the product line doubled from $400 million in the previous quarter to $893 million. 

Source: Engadget



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