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Microsoft’s Xbox One m

Microsoft’s Xbox One may get Kinect support for Battlefield 4
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 Microsoft’s Kinect motion detection camera for the Xbox 360 never really took off in the way that it was intended to. It saw varied use outside of gaming, appearing as part of several experiement projects, but as a gaming peripheral it fell a little flat. Electronic Arts and developer DICE may be able to change the consumer impression of the Kinect camera for the Xbox One however, if a DICE Q&A on Xbox Wire is spot on.

Talking up upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4 with Microsoft, executive producer Patrick Bach said that DICE is examining  ways to utilise all of the features of Microsoft’s next-generation console.

Bach said “…with Kinect, we’re looking into features that enhance the controls including peeking and leaning and tracking head movement as well as incorporating voice commands.”

Voice commands have been done previously with the current Kinect generation but adding head tracking to a first person shooter in an effective manner might be just the spark that Microsoft’s Kinect needs to seem broader, more accepted usage. Unfortunately the feature isn’t confirmed but, should DICE execute head-tracking in a usable manner, Microsoft will likely be very pleased with the knock-on results.

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