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Microsoft to roll out

Microsoft to roll out Windows 8.1 upgrades, full version today
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 Microsoft will be rolling out the Windows 8.1 upgrade to pretty much everybody today. While existing Windows 8 users will be getting the update free of charge, dependent on which version of the operating system they have, Microsoft will also be offering a full version of the updated OS to those who have older editions of Windows.

The standard version of Windows 8.1 has been priced for the States, as has Windows 8.1 Pro. The standard edition will cost users $120 (around R1200) and Pro will cost $200 (about R2000). There is also an upgrade option for those who buy a device with the stock version Windows 8.1, going Pro will cost $100 (roughly R1000). Unfortunately the update isn’t live on Microsoft’s local online store yet so there’s no indication of what the cost will be closer to home.

The full versions of Windows 8.1 are designed for users who are still using Windows 7, Vista or XP. Microsoft has some recommendations when upgrading from these operating systems and they’re pretty important, especially for Vista or XP users.

Windows 7 users will find that their files will remain in place, though on installing from either the retail disc or the download they will have to reinstall the applications that were on their PCs previously.

Windows Vista and XP users, on the other hand, should only use the retail disc to upgrade to 8.1 and a backup prior to installation is essential. The Windows 8.1 installation will wipe everything on their systems, including files, settings and programs.

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