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Samsung denied re-tria

Samsung denied re-trial in Apple patent clash
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 If you were not already aware, Samsung and Apple have been engaged in a lengthy court battle in the States regarding patents that Apple alleges Samsung has infringed. Apple has already been awarded damages for some of the claims made but those damages were later dropped by the court itself.

The latest development in the case is that Samsung, having asked for a complete retrial and citing a statement by Apple’s legal counsel as the reason for the do-over, has seen their motion for a mistrial rejected by the court.

Apple’s lawyer said in court “When I was young, I used to watch television on televisions that were manufactured in the United States. Magnavox, Motorola, RCA. These were real companies. They were well known and they were famous. They were creators. They were inventors. They were like the Apple and Google today. But they didn’t protect their intellectual property. They couldn’t protect their ideas. And you all know the result. There are no American television manufacturers today.”

Samsung was alledging that the comments could have prejudiced the jury’s decision when the damages were first awarded, since they made Samsung out to be the bad guy simply by virtue of the fact that the company isn’t from America. Unfortunately for the company, the judge doesn’t seem to have seen it that was and has dismissed their motion for mistrial.

Source: Engadget

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