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Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync

SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that allows you to share screens, windows and data effortlessly between Samsung Android devices and your PC. It’s perfect for the ATIV Book 9 Plus, ATIV Book 9 Lite and ATIV Book 9 Lite with touchscreen. No longer is there a barrier between your PC and mobile devices. Experience SideSync now. Purchase

This image illustrates a PC-Mobile solution that allowsyou to control and sharethe screensand data ofthe Samsung Android Device by using Samsung SideSync and a PC.

Samsung SideSync PC Program

It’s very simple to use SideSync. Install SideSync onto a PC and connect it to your Samsung Android device. A button that allows you to install the application will appear. Just click the Install button on the device and you can install the application easily.

※ Samsung Android Device (Samsung Android Smartphone, Tablet, and Galaxy Camera) Operating System Supported: Jelly Bean 4.1 or Higher


This image demonstrates howto control and share the screens and data of the Samsung Android Device by installing the PC version of Samsung SideSync.

This image demonstrates how to connect Samsung Android Device quickly and easily with a USB cable after running Samsung SideSync andconfiguringthe preferredscreen settings and sharing options.

Easy and Quick Connection

Connect a PC to Samsung Android Device with
a USB cable or WiFi.
Then SideSync automatically runs. Select
keyboard and mouse modes or phone screen
sharing mode. Once setting is completed,
SideSync is ready to use. Also, you can change
the sharing settings anytime.

Simultaneous Charging
and Automatic Contents Backup

SideSync automatically backs up new data to a PC by simply connecting it to a Samsung Android device. In addition, the battery of the device is charged automatically when it’s connected to a PC using a USB cable. This is a convenient way to safely save new data and charge the battery at once.

This image shows that bysimply connecting Samsung Android Device to a PC, you can automatically charge the battery and backup yourdata to a PC.

키보드와 마우스 이미지

Keyboard/Mouse Sharing Mode

This image showsthat by connecting Samsung Android Device to a PC, you can use it like a dual monitor and move the cursor between screens while controlling both devices withthe mouse and keyboard.

Using a Device as a Dual Monitor,
Easily Controlled with the Mouse

Use your Samsung Android device as a dual monitor in keyboard and mouse mode. In SideSync Settings, set the location of the smartphone and move the mouse cursor. The cursor will appear on the Samsung Android device, so that you can control it with the mouse without having to touch the screen.

If you want to operate the PC again, move the cursor to the monitor and use the PC as usual. Now you can operate both your mobile device and PC simultaneously.

Operating a Mobile Device with the Keyboard

Some people prefer to type using a PC keyboard rather than their mobile device. SideSync makes it possible to type on your Samsung Android device with your PC keyboard. This helps you to chat with friends and create notes or documents effortlessly and accurately.

This image showshow to write on a mobile screen using the keyboard. In this way, you can better utilize such features asmemo, documentation, social networking services—all of which are easily and quickly controlled onthe keyboard.

File Sharing & Clipboard Sharing

SideSync’s Drag & Drop file sharing function makes it possible to share files between a PC and a mobile device easily and quickly. By simply dragging and dropping you can send files intuitively and quickly. In addition, since SideSync enables clipboard copying, it allows you to copy and paste text by just pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. This means SideSync allows you to easily share files or texts.

This image shows that withthe Drag&Drop function of Samsung SideSync, you can easily transmit files between a PC and a mobile device by draggingand dropping the file onto the Samsung Android Device screen. With the Copy to Clipboard function, you can copy and pasteany text with the Ctrl+C and Crtl+V keys.

PC 안에 모바일 이미지

Phone Screen Sharing Mode

This image demonstrates how tooperateamobile device from a PC monitor using the Virtual Screen function. Using this function, you can display the Samsung Android Device screen on a PC monitor, and can avoid overlapping other program windows byresizing the image.

Viewing the Smartphone Screen
on a PC Monitor

Screen sharing mode allows you to view the screen of a Samsung Android device on a PC monitor. Through this virtual screen you can directly operate a mobile device from your PC.
In addition, since SideSync enables you to freely control the screen size, it lets you avoid overlapping the windows of other programs.

Pen Mode, Free Writing, and Screen Decoration

Pen mode is a creative function that allows you to directly draw on the screen in Phone Screen Sharing mode. Open a map and mark a location or capture a game window and send the image to friends along with descriptions and comments. You can annotate all kinds of screens on your Samsung Android device with Sidesync’s pen mode.

This feature allows you to draw directly onto the phone screen in Virtual Screen Pen Mode. This image demonstrates how to load a map or a captured screen shot from a game onto amobile device,and then edit it or add comments to itusing the Drawing function.

Handy Screen Capturing

Capture your desired screen easily with SideSync. Screen capturing mode in Phone Screen Sharing allows you to easily capture a screen and save it as an image file. With no hassle at all you can save captured images in a PC or share them with friends via your favourite social network services (SNS).

The Virtual Screen Capture feature allows you to capture a scene that you want to drawor save. This image demonstrateshow to save the captured image ona PC or share it over social networking servicesor with friends.

Samsung SideSync Compatibility

■ Supported PC Models
   – SideSync comes pre-installed with all Samsung ATIV PCs, and is available for purchase for all other Samsung Windows 8 PCs and
     Samsung Windows 8 Upgradeable Models.*
   – Supported OS : Windows 8 and above

* A list of Samsung Windows 8 Upgradeable Models can be found at the Samsung website for Windows 8 upgrade.

■ Supported Android Devices
   – All Samsung Android Device with below supported OS and above (Galaxy smartphones, Tablets, Galaxy Cameras)
     · Supported Android OS : Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above
     · Recommended Android OS : Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above

* Multilingual keyboard switching function may not work with some Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Please upgrade for use of all features.

Detailed Features – SideSync

1.Auto Back-up PC ↔ Phone
Only Back-up form Phone to PC

Back-up items:
Contact, Calendar, Calendar (Task), SMS / MMS, SMS / MMS Settings, Calendar (memo), Logs, Native Applications, Music
Photo, Video, Others Files, Configuration, Wifi, Email, Mini Diary, Pen Memo, S Memo, S Note
※ Samsung Android Device (Samsung Android Smartphone, Tablet, and Galaxy Camera)
※ Auto Back-up function of SideSync is not supported onto Samsung ATIV Tab 3 model.

2. Keyboard/Mouse Sharing Share PC KBD and Mouse with your Phone
– Clipboard Sharing PC ↔ Phone
Copy & Paste between PC and Phone
※ Only Supports text
– Drag & Drop File Transfer PC ↔ Phone
Drag & Drop File Transfer from PC to Phone
Share via File Transfer from Phone to PC
※ Supports all types of files
3. Phone Screen Sharing Virtual Phone on the PC Screen
– Clipboard Sharing PC ↔ Phone
Copy & Paste to virtual Phone from PC
※ Only Supports text
– Drag & Drop File Transfer PC ↔ Phone
Drag & Drop File Transfer between PC and virtual Phone
※ Supports all types of files
– On Screen Drawing Draw on the virtual phone using mouse and capture screen
Note 1. In your mobile, turning on USB debugging from Settings (Developer) is needed before using SideSync.
        2. Samsung SideSync version 2.0 support both of WiFi and USB interface, but version 1.0 support only an interface through USB data cable.
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