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Speculation about Sams

Speculation about Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 – Is there a fingerprint scanner coming?
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The announcement from Samsung that is expected to deal with this year’s flagship smartphone is just around the corner and that means that speculation on the new device is running high. This year’s Mobile World Congress unveiling will put to rest all of the rumours but there’s an interesting one floating around at present.

It seems that, according to a report from Sammobile, Samsung will be introducing a new feature for the Galaxy S 5 in the form of a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is supposedly part of the central home key on the smartphone but it will have a few other functions aside from just granting access to the phone.

It will allow used to unlock the phone, though the scanner reportedly won’t work if the user’s hands are wet. Up to eight fingerprints will apparently be supported at one time and users will be able to access a Personal Folder and a Private Mode with their own fingerprints. If true, this could mean that there is a lot more privacy available to users will still allowing them to let others use their devices.

Source: Engadget

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