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Toshiba launching new

Toshiba launching new Canvio personal cloud drives
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Toshiba has got something new headed to the world of networked cloud drives in the Canvio Personal Cloud unit, which have been newly launched overseas. 

The Canvio has dropped and promised to make setting up a networked hard drive in the home a lot easier than it has been until now, by adding in a drag and drop interface in place of the more tedious work involved in configuring and maintaining a system like this. 

The Canvio supports both Mac and Windows setups, allows streaming to a selection of DLNA devices and also comes with Android and iOS app support. There’s a 2TB version making the rounds in the States, which will set prospective buyers back $200 (R2220), while the 3TB edition will cost $260 (R2900). 

That’s not a bad price for a networked drive at all. There’s no confirmed date for a Southern African release just yet. 

Source: Engadget

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