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Rumours of white, Tita

Rumours of white, Titanfall edition of Xbox One console doing the rounds
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It hasn’t even landed in South Africa yet, but there are already rumours of a couple of new editions of the Xbox One showing up in the near future. The first of these is a white Xbox One console, which is at the moment reserved for Microsoft employees. 

The white console, which would be bundled with a game called Sunset Overdrive, is expected to launch in the States in October this year. Another console, this one featuring a 1TB hard drive, might be making an appearance in November. 

Another unconfirmed console, this time featuring Titanfall branding, is also thought to be on the way. There’s no time frame for this particular edition and all of the consoles mentioned above have yet to be confirmed by Microsoft themselves. But, given that the rumours originate with the NeoGAF forums, there’s a strong chance that the speculation is on the mark. 

Source: via Engadget

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