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Windows 8.1: start me

Windows 8.1: start me up (again) – Tech Central
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The latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is almost here. Windows 8.1 is a free update to Windows 8 that brings back the familiar Start button, which was dropped controversially with version 8. More importantly, the upgrade promises a slicker and more integrated user interface that fixes some of the kinks in the software.

The update will be available for download at 1pm on Thursday, 17 October in South Africa (7am in New York) and will be free to all current Windows 8 and Windows RT users.

Though Microsoft capitulated to consumer cries for the Start button’s return, clicking it in 8.1 won’t bring up the traditional list of shortcuts, applications and folders of days gone by but rather the modern, tile-based Start screen introduced with Windows 8. Also, there’s no way of removing the new Start button for those who prefer using the Windows key on their keyboards or the Charms bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Microsoft is billing 8.1 as an “update” rather than a major upgrade with most of the changes coming in response to user feedback and many merely cosmetic…

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