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How To Make an Xbox Mu

How To Make an Xbox Music Playlist From a Web Page

xbox radio screenshot screencap

Xbox Music has been redesigned for Windows 8.1 with a new set of radio features that allows users to create playlists and stations based on artists of their choice. Sound familiar, cough, Apple, er cough, Spotify? However, there’s one big new feature to get excited about. Since the Xbox music app is baked into the Windows 8.1 interface, it offers a cool connectivity trick that allows you to create automatically generated playlist based on an open Web page in Explorer. Here’s how. 


1. Launch Explorer. Browse to a website that features artists you’d like to base your playlist around. In this example, the page is the lineup for the Decibel radio website playlist screencap how to

2. Open the Charms menu in the sidebar. Select the Share menu radio website playlist screencap how to

3. Select Music: Create a Playlist from the Share Menu.

4. A playlist will generate based on the artists featured in the open page in Explorer. You can choose to delete artists from the playlist by clicking on the X’s next to their names. microsoft 8.1 website playlist screencap how to

5. Launch the Xbox Music app. In the left sidebar menu, you will see your new playlist. The playlist will automatically be named after the page it was based on. microsoft 8.1 website playlist screen how to

6. Jam to your new playlist!

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